Our team

About Us

We are a full service, multi-award winning, film production company, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are collaborators and storytellers. Your vision and need, our ideas, creativity, and execution will impact lives and affect change.

What We Do

Simply stated, we are entrusted with the communication needs of our clients and it’s a charge we take very serious. We consult, create, write, produce, direct and compose.  We do short and long form, feature length films to PSA’s…precise communication distributed through precise channels.

Our team of filmmakers has worked in 20 countries, our writers are nationally recognized and published and our work has won international awards.  But we are also dads, moms, husbands, wives, coaches and musicians, who are committed to the financial and creative strength of Storytelling Pictures.  This strength allows us to seize opportunities for growth that will benefit our client’s needs as well as our own.  Combined with our passions, talent and artistry, it gives birth to the unique depth of Storytelling Pictures.