Our Process

Our Process

We think. We write. We move. We score


We only have a few seconds before the attention span drifts, so it has to be compelling and it has to make sense. You have an idea that needs creative expression and creative problem solving. It needs to become tangible. We carefully review and research your brand or company need and come up with visual solutions.

Scripting & Storyboarding

Once we’ve settled on the best creative approach, it’s now time to give you a glimpse of what it could look like. This is where we draft “boards” of what scenes look like, how they unfold, camera angles, movements and art direction and how it’s going to communicate to the audience.


Action! From a simple single camera interview to a full blown production with large crews, lights, trucks, gaffers, grips, cameramen, and a bunch of other necessary folk, this is where we give your idea flesh. As a full service production company, we have our own gear and equipment – our own cinematographers and production people. What we don’t have, we hire!!


This is even more fun! Now we’re taking all the footage and our producers and team of editors will begin putting all the pieces together to tell your story. It’s as simple as that. This is a rather time consuming process to make sure continuity and key messaging are spot on and the story is communicated in such a way as to draw our desired response. Carefully craft in a music score, sound-scaping and other effects and you’re soon on your way with a powerful communication tool.